For over 60 years, the Weinschel name has become synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. Our extensive range of products include components, subsystems and connector systems built upon a strong engineering heritage.

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Providing a wide variety of Standard and custom RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems that operate over the dc to 50 GHz frequency range.

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Get the latest RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems Catalog from Weinschel: This New 60th Anniversary edition outlines Weinschel's wide range of RF, Wireless, & Microwave Components and Subsystems.

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Bring your 3G/4G Testing to a Solid State! If it's time to bring your test systems to the digital age, look to Weinschel, the leaders in solid-state programmable attenuation.

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Routing. Conditioning. Streamlined: Our promise - one perfectly integrated, dependable signal routing and conditioning box. That's why defense programs such as JSF, SSEE, JTRS, GMR, and EPLARS have put their faith in us.

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Digital & Programmable Attenuators, Phase Shifters & Switches

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AW-4205 Digital Attenuator

MMIC Switched Digital Attenuators & Switches, to 6 GHz

This new line of Weinschel MMIC Digital Attenuators operates over the 300 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range and is in a variety of attenuation ranges up 95 dB. These units can be controlled using either TTL or USB interfaces. Ideal for Automated Test Equipment (ATE), WiMAX, 3G/4G Fading Simulators, Engineering/Production Test Lab environments.
4248 Phase Compensated GaAs Switched Programmable Attenuator (SMA, 10-2.5 GHz)

PIN & GaAS Switched Programmables, to 6 GHz

Weinschel's Series of GaAs and Pin Switched Solid-State Programmable Attenuators are specifically designed for Wireless/Cellular, RF Simulation/Emulation, and Communication Test Application where switching speed and performance is the top priority. Other features include high IP3, higher power configurations, broadband to 6 GHz, choice of attenuation ranges, Lower power consumption, flexible dc operating voltage (+5-15 V) & Built-in TTL driver circuitry.

Mechanical Relay Switched Programmables & Phase Shifters, dc to 6 GHz

The 3200 & 3400 Series Programmable Step Attenuators are designed for use in automatic test equipment and OEM systems operating in the dc to 3 or 6 GHz frequency ranges. This series is available in many standard attenuation ranges and cell configurations as well as New Model 3456 75 ohm configuration.  Custom designed configurations are available upon request. Each cell contains a double-pole,double-throw relay that provides a zero path or attenuated path for the RF signal.

Now avaialble Model 984-1 that  provides an ajustable shift range from 0° @ DC to 630° in 10° steps @ 6 GHz (Normally linear with frequency). 

150 Series Edgline Programmable Attenuators

Edge Line (Binary) Switched Programmables, dc to 26.5 GHz

The Weinschel 150 Programmable Step Attenuators represent the widest variety of programmable attenuators available. This attenuator design is the result of an extensive development program and offers long reliable operation with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. These attenuators can provide programmable adjustments of RF signal levels in precise steps of 1 dB, 5 dB, 10 dB, or with custom steps available. Each attenuator consists of a cascaded assembly of switched attenuator cells (Figure 1). The attenuator elements located in the attenuator cell are created by a thin-film process which provides exceptional long-term stability,low power and temperature coefficients. This series uses a reed switching structure that provides rapid switching together with low insertion loss.
SmartStep Attenuator / Switch Controllers

SmartStep Attenuator / Switch Controllers

  • Provides a flexible, powerful, low cost solution for bus control of programmable step attenuators and other switchable devices under computer control.
  • Designed to interface with Weinschel's line of intelligent programmable attenuators and other electromechanical devices.
  • Simplifies your bench test setups and subsystem design.
  • Available in two standard communication interfaces:-Model 8210A-1: GPIB/IEEE-488 (HS-488 ready)-Model 8210A-2: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

SmartStep® Programmable Attenuators

This line of intelligent programmable step attenuators with a built-in digital interface are designed to simplify the control and integration of these devices into subsystem and bench applications. This series of Programmable Step Attenuators is designed for use in automatic test equipment and OEM systems.