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 Weinschel    115A Manual Step Attenuators (N, SMA, DC-4/18 GHz, 0-9/1 dB)
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Weinschel > Manual Step Attenuators > 115A thru 119A, Manual Step Attenuators, DC to 4/18 GHz > 115A Manual Step Attenuators (N, SMA, DC-4/18 GHz, 0-9/1 dB) > Item # AC115A-9-44  
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Item # AC115A-9-44, Manual Step Attenuator, 0-9 dB, DC-4 GHz

Specifications  · Features


Frequency Range

DC-4 GHz

Average Power

2 W

Peak Power

200 kW

Insertion Loss

0.3 dB

Connector Type

N Male - N Male

Maximum SWR


Attenuation Range

0-9 dB

Step Size

1 dB

  • Safety Mechanical Stop - A mechanical stop between maximum and 0 attenuation positions on all models prevents damage to the mechanical drive as well as preventing large power changes that could cause dam age to sensitive equipment.
  • Broadband -All models are available in a choice of 2 frequency ranges: dc-4 and dc-18 GHz.
  • Right-Angle Drive - The center conductor of the con nector is perpendicular to the control shaft, offering greater flexibility of applications: panel mounting or bench setup. All models are bidirectional.
  • Low Deviation from Nominal Value - These Mini Step Attenuators have flat frequency response over speci fied bands and excellent attenuation accuracy. Deviation from nominal value is low at all settings.
  • Excellent Repeatability and Long Life Switch -Repeatability is better than 0.05 dB to 18.0 GHz for over 1,000,000 switchings of the drum.
  • Custom Configurations Available Upon Request.