For over 60 years, the Weinschel name has become synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. Our extensive range of products include components, subsystems and connector systems built upon a strong engineering heritage.

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Providing a wide variety of Standard and custom RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems that operate over the dc to 50 GHz frequency range.

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Get the latest RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems Catalog from Weinschel: This New 60th Anniversary edition outlines Weinschel's wide range of RF, Wireless, & Microwave Components and Subsystems.

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Bring your 3G/4G Testing to a Solid State! If it's time to bring your test systems to the digital age, look to Weinschel, the leaders in solid-state programmable attenuation.

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Routing. Conditioning. Streamlined: Our promise - one perfectly integrated, dependable signal routing and conditioning box. That's why defense programs such as JSF, SSEE, JTRS, GMR, and EPLARS have put their faith in us.

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 Weinschel    78 Medium Powered Fixed Coaxial Attenuator (7/16, 50W, DC-6 GHz)
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78 Medium Powered Fixed Coaxial Attenuator (7/16, 50W, DC-6 GHz)

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  • Optimized for Wireless OEM & Test Applications.
  • Low Intermodulation Design.
  • Designed to meet environmental requirements of MIL-A-3933.
  • Weinschel Brand Product


78 Fixed Coaxial Attenuator (7/16, 50W, DC-6 GHz)
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